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Wasiu Ojuolape Jr. "Exotick" is a self-taught artist who is inspired by graffiti art and the beauty of everyday life. The focal point of his art will capture you with familiar pop icons or the aesthetic of nature.The range of colors, shapes and patterns in the background will leave you mesmerized in the details while taking you through a personal journey through his creative mind. The ability as an artist to mix graffiti with other styles of art is what makes artistic creations unique.

Wasiu knew that art made him happy, and began to build his skills online with “how to” drawing lessons. Later, he became intrigued with graffiti and street art. Wasiu remembers practicing and having a sketch book filled with graffiti and carton drawings. This is when he got his inspiration for his brand name “Exotick”.

Wasiu decided to advance his knowledge of art by taking his first art class in high school. His joy of creating grew as he learned the basic techniques and history of art. To further is studies in art he enrolled into college but only completed a year and half because he felt the classroom setting was not where he could find his inspiration. He left school with the intention of enhancing his own unique style. Wasiu enjoys working with both acrylic and spray paint but has no limitations on a medium.

"No Attention Needed" This is how the artist feels about his work. He feels that his art speaks for itself, and describes his work as energetic, extravagant, evolving and Exotick.

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